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One question often asked by our golfers is: “Why do we aerate when course conditions and weather are perfect?” This question is very perceptive. Weather plays a large role in turf recovery.  Performing aeration when the weather favors turf growth leads to quicker recovery. Also, aeration is stressful on plants. Performing aeration on healthy, “perfect” turf is critical. If aeration is conducted on already stressed turf, the result can be very negative.

The range of ideal weather varies depending on the type of turf species. If the turf is predominately bent grass like the greens at our facility, late August to late September is a good time to aerate. The warm days and cool nights of early fall favor bent grass growth and recovery. Most times, our golf schedule dictates aeration timing more than the weather.

Another question we often receive is: “Why is so much sand applied?”  Following CORE aeration on greens, filling each of the aeration holes with sand will promote quicker recovery and improve ball roll. There is no doubt, the surface of greens and turf is disrupted during aeration and greens play differently. However, effects on playability as a result of aeration can be reduced if aeration channels are completely filled with sand.  Applying enough topdressing sand to fill aeration holes will result in a smoother post-aeration surface.  In addition, the grass recovers quicker than a surface with open aeration holes.

Sometimes, we do use solid tines versus core tines when aerifying.  When solid tines are used, we do not fill the holes with sand. It is not necessary as the holes created in the turf are smaller in diameter and close quickly.  Solid tine aerification looses up the compacted soil and allows the turf to “breath”.

Aeration of collars, fairways and rough can be done in the late fall and does not require topdressing with sand.  This also opens up highly compacted soil conditions and allows for water, nutrients and air to reach the turf.

Greens aerification at our facility is performed every spring and fall to improve turf health and playing conditions. Core and deep-tine aeration are critical for the health of well maintained greens. Keep in mind aerating greens is a necessity to ensure exceptional conditions during the golf season.  Tolerating aerification holes in the greens for a few days is a small price to pay for great greens and turf all season long.

Follow this USGA link to watch the process of aerificaton.

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Backwards Scramble at Meadowview Golf Course!

Last year was so much fun we decided to do it again! Playing the course in reverse gives a different perspective for sure!

Date of Event:  October 15th 

Registration and lunch at 12:00

Shotgun start at 1:00pm

Entry is $20 for FULL members, $35 for ANNIVERSARY members, $50 for non-members.  The entry fee includes golf, cart, lunch and prizes!

Sign up by October 14th as a two person team.  This is an 18 hole event.  We will blind draw to complete the 4 person team.

Give us a call to sign up today!!

(217) 258-7888



Come support the 2016 United Way of Coles County Golf Outing on September 23rd!!  The event promises to be a great time supporting a great organization!  Meadowview donates all green fees/ carts and lunch so all of your entry money goes back to United Way benefiting many area non-profit organizations.  Contact the United Way at 217-234-8022 or to register or for more information.

Let’s take a look at how to properly repair a ball mark to help maintain the health of the greens you putt on.

Repairing that little depression is very important. Equally important is doing it the right way.  Many golfers repair their ball marks correctly which is appreciated by the golf course superintendent and their fellow golfers.  Unfortunately, many well-meaning golfers who do repair the pitch marks, to do so incorrectly.

A ball mark can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not just a scar but also a pit in the putting surface that can knock well-struck putts offline. Repairing a ball mark restores a smooth surface and helps keep the grass healthy. But “repairing” a ball mark incorrectly can actually cause more damage than good. The biggest mistake it lifting up on the soil and grass which tears the roots and kills more of the grass around the mark. Incorrectly “repaired” ball marks take up to twice as long to heal as those that are properly repaired.

Repairing ball marks isn’t just important for the health of the greens, and for smooth-rolling putts; it isn’t just a matter of golf etiquette, it is our obligation to help take care of the golf courses we play. And repairing ball marks is a big part of that obligation to the game.

Here is a great short VIDEO from the USGA on properly repairing ball marks.
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To maintain the asphalt in the parking lot and carts paths around the clubhouse, as well as providing a fresh look, new sealing has been completed by Seal Coat of Charleston!  Thank you to Travis and his staff!

Come out and enjoy this beautiful weather at Meadowview!!  We have tee times available all week and weekend.  Go online to to book a tee time or give us a call at 217-258-7888!  Like us on facebook

Meadowview Club Championship is July 30 and 31, 2016!  Play anytime before 3 pm on July 30th (must have a witness with you).  Tee times on Sunday morning will be in your flight.  Championship flight will play from BLUE TEES on Sunday.  $50 Covers golf and cart both days and prizes.  Must be a MEMBER to participate.  Men’s, Men’s Senior, Women’s, Women’s Senior and Junior Divisions.  Call Meadowview at 217-258-7888 to register!

It’s a beautiful day at Meadowview Golf Course!

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